My love for photography began at a young age as my family and I made road trips across the states.  I would take rolls and rolls of pictures along the way. My love continued through school as I assisted with the class yearbook. I would loan the school cameras to get sports shots and once again return with rolls and rolls of photos.  You can imagine my enthusiasm when I was hired by a local photography company as a Photographer. While employed I was able to soak up all the knowledge from two of the best photographers I have ever known.  I learned everything the company offered from Underclass School Portraits to Seniors, Formal Dance Portraits, Sports Teams and Individuals; to Action photography.  In a few short years they announced I was one of their best photographers and soon I was training and sharing my knowledge of something I feel so passionately about. I have over 12 years of formal photography experience and a lifetime of capturing nature, family and event photos . "Every Picture has a story to tell" and I am excited to help you create that story.